Street Dog

Strips of Navy

People in animals after her dog but the man said the dog is neglected

It does not destroy our food to feed the dogs who can we do not threw.


Food is the most essential element for one’s survival …..every day we come across some dumpward where we see these animals scavenging , fighting over some little food they find just to end their hunger. Some times they come across some stale food which they end up eating to kill their hunger and falls ill… So friends please don’t throw away the excess food..just collect them and feed the street dogs when they come near your house..

Strawberry Vanilla Waffle Cone

street Dog

Waiting for one piece of food to save lives

Two Stripes, Three

Help street Dog

Gentleman’s Grey Concrete Wall

Sweet street Dog


Pink Action Shoot

Waiting for a piece of food


Ghost Riding on the Van

We can’t help but feed a piece of street dog